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Previewing and processing memory data on screen


Coating in general, lining


Measuring range  :   0~5.00mm
Resolution  :   0.01mm: 1.00mm~5.00mm 1μm:0~999μm
Accuracy  :   ±0.01mm to a flat level or ±2% the indicated value
Display method  :   LCD digital, with key-lock function
Memory  :   Calibration×1, 1800 measurement values
Limits setting  :   High/low limits (one of either setting is also possible), alarm
Probe  :   one point contact constant pressure type with V-groove, φ18×55mm
Power  :   Dry batteries (R03 1.5V)×4, auto-power off
Temperature  :   0~40℃(non-condensing)
Weight and Dimensions  :   80(W)×35(H)×150(D)mm, 330g
Accessories  :   thickness standards, zero plates for test, carrying case


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