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Sutherland ink rub tester No.2305


This machine is mainly used for testing wear resistance of dried ink film. It is also used for evaluating ink film color transfer and fuzz of paper. Wear resistance of specimens rubbed together under a certain load is evaluated from color transfer to the white paper and the surface state after the test. Tester configuration: a load is mounted on the arm end and the load continues reciprocating movement in the arc shape at a constant speed.


Rubbing paper 50 X 200 mm
Printing specimen 100 X 200 mm
Specimen block phenol resin 100 X 200 mm
Sliding element rubber 8 mm thick, reciprocation 43 X 2 cycles/min.
Weight 908 + 10 g
Motor 100/110 VAC, 0.065 kW, 50/60 Hz
Referential standard JIS K-5701-2000
Outer dimensions 220 X 445 X 310 mm
Instrument weight
30 kG


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