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Adams Wet Rub Tester No.2308


This tester measures resistance of coated paper against rub-off, which is one of important factors for offset printing management to prevent picking, etc. caused by damping water. On the rubber roll immersed in the vat the stainless steel drum with specimen on it is mounted and rotated; the drum stops after a certain number or rotations; then, the drum and rubber roll are washed with water, and the water in the vat is put in another container, and evaporated in vacuum at 1200C for four hours; the residue in the vat is weighed. The weighed value is divided by the specimen area to determine the amount of coating material detached per unit area.


Specimen area 76 cm2 (30 x 2.54 cm)
Rubber roll
25.4 mm in diameter, 29 mm wide
Rotation speed 175 rpm
Load 0 to 6 N
Motor 100/110 VAC, 0.065 kW, 50/60 Hz
Outer dimensions 430 x 370 x 340 mm
Instrument weight 43 kg


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