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Curl-size tester No.2073


When the paper is wetted on its single side, this side rapidly inflates, and the paper itself starts curling with the dry surface inside. This machine is developed based upon J.TAPPI standard and US.TAPPI standard: in this procedure, the curl size of a specimen is given as the time elapsed from starting wetting to the moment the paper sheet reaches the maximum bending angle or the maximum bending. This property is an important factor for sheets of printing paper. This tester is very helpful in estimating bonding aptitude, finding its uses as a rapid tester for absorption speed of core base paper of corrugated board. The principle of measurement is as follows; the specimen is placed on a table with an rectangular hole floating on the water surface; one end of the paper specimen is hooked to a metallic
hook so that the specimen is kept at a constant angle. The side of the specimen contacting the rectangular hole is wetted, and underthis condition,"Bending" produced is mesured in termsof angle and time


Angle 150 to 750
Rectangular hole size 0 to 25 mm wide
Accessories one mold to take specimens
Referential standards J. TAPPI No.14-2000, TAPPI T 466cm-82
Outer dimensions 240x240x110 mm
Instrument weight 5 kg


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