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GLOSS METER Angle changeable No.2068-II


Alat pengukuran glossy dari suatu material dapat juga digunakan untuk mengukur roughness yang minim melalui tingkat pantulan cahaya oleh permukaan benda, permukaan body mobil, musical intrument lantai kayu, granit , ceramic. aluminium alloy. Like the No.2068-I, this machine is designed to measure gloss, and is able to measure reflection of incident lights at desired angles, for a wide range of specimens from low gloss to high gloss.


Light source 12 V, 10 W
Measurement angle incident angle 200to 750
light-receiving angle 00to 750
Measurement angle precision within +0.20
Standard plate one plate, black-colored
Referential standard JIS Z-8741, P-8142-1993
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.5A
Outer dimensions 450x180x285 mm
Instrument weight 12 Kg


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