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Oil absorptometer No.2127


Ink absorption of paper and paperboard surface is an essential property affecting printability. This tester detects gloss change to determine oil absorption of printing paper and paperboard. Apply a specified amount of oil over a metal roller, and transfer the oil to paper. Oil is absorbed by paper along with elapse of time. The time till oil on the surface is completely absorbed is detected by means of light reflection.


Metallic roller 97 mm in diameter, 100 mm long, weight 5.7 kg
Test oil polybuden, viscosity 230+10 cp (200)
Specimen 65x65 mm
Light emitter incidence 750
Light receiver selenium photoelectric cell
Standard reflecting plate black glass plate: 1 piece
Lamp halogen 6 V 10 W
Optional recorder
Referential standard J TAAPI 67-2000
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 A
Outer dimensions: main unit 1200x430x410 mm
control unit 340x285x180 mm
Instrument weight main unit 53 kg
control unit 17 kg


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