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Oken type smoothness and air-permeability tester (water column type )


This machine has its characteristic in using a 500 mm water column air manometer to measure airflow between the surface of a specimen and the standard surface, with certain conditions, while Bekk type smoothness tester depends on the measurement of time that is needed to inflow a certain amount of air. The standard surface is constituted of multiple concentric rings,and the air of 500 mm water column-adjusted low pressure is let to flow between the standard surface and the specimen for measurement. On the way of the air passage, is provided a capillary orifice
to convert airflow into pressure for display. This testing method consumes little time in measurement, so it is suitable for site management. The standard type measures smoothness and air permeability. The tester for smoothness or air permeability only is available.



Measurement area for smoothness 8.08 cm2
Measurement load for smoothness 8.08 kg
Total length of a measurement ring 733 mm
Measurement area for air-permeability

645.16 mm2 (1.00 in2)

Measurement range (change of nozzles)         
Median of smoothness: 100, 500, 1000 seconds
Median of air permeability 100, 500, 1000, 2000 seconds
Referential standard J. TAPPI No.5
Air source 0.5MPa
Outer dimensions 280x410x790 mm
Instrument weight 43 kg


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