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Bekk impact tensile tester No.2010


This machine determines rupture stress by rapid tensioning. An impact is given to the specimen slackened to measure the energy loss at rupture. This test determines resistance of continuous paper against break on a rotary printing machine where a large tension may occur instantaneously. It also measures the dynamic strength of bags made of kraft paper in use. This tester is provided with a pendulum to measure the work of rupture of specimens. A test piece 15mm wide and 180mm long is held with the ripper, and the pendulum is lifted to the specified position and released. The specimen is broken at a maximum tension, and the work in N· (kgf·cm) is shown on the scale.


Specimen 15 mm
Specimen span 70 mm to 180 mm, can be set at 1mm intervals
Swing angle 0 to 1800
Stress scale 1. Pendulum: 6.25 kg·cm (increment 0.1 kg·cm)
2. Pendulum + one annular plate: 12.25 kg·cm (incrment 0.2kg·cm)
3. Pendulum + two annular plates: 25.0 kg·cm (increment 0.4 kg·cm)
Impact initial speed 0.1 m/sec. for any of the stress ranges above
Referential standard TAPPI 40 (1) 1957
Outer dimensions 590x320x720 mm
Instrument weight 46 kg


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