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Vapor permeability tester No.2120


Packaging paper for a material to be kept dry must have a high resistance to vapor permeance. Vapor permeability is expressed by the mass of vapor that passes through a unit area of specimen at a certain temperature and a humidity. This tester measures the quantity of water transmission. Test procedure: put silica gel in an aluminum cup, and close the cup with a specimen; leave them at 400C, 90%RH for a certain span of time, to measure the mass (in grams) of vapor transmission. Vapor permeability is obtained by converting the measured result to a value per square meter of the specimen.


Components 12 aluminum cups, 12 glass petri dishes, 12 aluminum rings, 1 cup base, 1 guide, 1 weight about 500 g
Accessory wooden case
Optinal Chamber
Referential standard JIS-Z-0802-1976, ISO 2528
Outer dimensions 390x200x140 mm
Instrument weight 12 Kg


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