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Automatic up-and-down thickness Micrometer Standard model TM-600


Thickness of paper is an essential property closely related to the basis weight. Thickness influences physical and optical properties, and has a close relationship with printability. This gauge measures the thickness of paper and film down to micron order. Measurement is done by a differential transformer, and the result is digitally shown on a large-size LED display. Very easy to operate, with high reproducibility. A model with built-in printer and a model with RS-232C output are also available for avoiding errors in reading and transcription.


Measurement range 0 to 1.500 mm, digital display (space below the measurement element in the upper position: max.1.9 mm)
Measurement accuracy :+1μm
(at a constant room temperature)
Parallelism 1μm
Measurement element end diameter 16 mm (JIS, ISO)
Downward movement speed of measurement element 2.5 mm/second
Measurement table diameter 50 mm
Measurement pressure 50 kPa or 100 kPa, deadweight
Measurement axis movement time 4 seconds/cycle
Measurement time about 2 seconds (when the thickness is 0 mm)
Function continuous automatic up-and-down, rapid zero adjustment
Optional built-in printer, RS-232C output
Referential standards JIS P-8118-98, TAPPI T-411om-97, ISO 534-1988
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 A
Outer dimensions 220x385x415 mm (with printer)
Instrument weight 27 kg


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