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Pulper No.2534-I


This is a small type simulating the pupler used in the paper mill. It rapidly disintegrates 3.5 kg of pulp and waste paper. For effectively circulating slurry and giving shear force, the impeller is placed near the internal wall, thereby shortening disintegration time and reducing power cost..


Capacity 100 l
Concentration 3 %
Specimen 3 kg (O.D.)
Specimen tank made of SUS-304
Runner diameter 200 mm
Rotation speed 1,300 rpm
Motor three-phase 200/220 VAC, 5.5 kW
Stepless speed change control with inverter (optional)
Operation time about 20 minutes
Power source three-phase 200/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 22A
Outer dimensions 1,200x900x1,300 mm
Instrument weight 680 kg


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