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Automatic pH/temperature control sheet machine No.2540


Paper making test needs water whose pH and temperature are constant. The effect of chemicals added to the specimen varies with pH and temperature. Both pH and temperature of feed water are detected by sensors, while sulfuric acid solution is automatically pumped in from the auxiliary tank, thereby supplying the specimen tank with water whose temperature is kept constant by steam circulation.


Paper making size 158 mm in diameter, 200 cm2
Specimen tank size 158 mm in diameter, 400 mm high
Feed water tank 1000 l, made of stainless steel
Humidifier heat exchange tubes with steam
Heating limit 65°C
With pulp pH control chemical injection valve
In-tank agitation stationary agitator 200 W with 3 blades, 2 stages
Water temperature detection/control electronic digital temperature controller,measurement range: 0 to 65.0°C, with over heat buzzer
pH detection measurement range 0 to 14 pH
Chemical injection pump electromagnetic constant-feed pump: discharge 45 l/min.
Chemical injection tank capacity 25 l, made of polyethylene
Dimensions of paper making machine 1175X820X1585mm
Weight of paper making machine about 190 kg
Tank dimensions 1100 mm in inner diameter, 3 mm thick plate, overall height 1700 mm (not including agitator or cover)
Tank weight 280 kg
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60Hz 13 A
Steam source pressure 0.4 MPa


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