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Round type sheet machine with automatic couching No.2541


Like the No.2545 standard sheet machine, this round type machine is used to make paper sheets, with entirely automated couching process. It alleviates workload and variation in the characteristics of handmade paper due to skill of operators. This labor- saving sheet machine is designed with solenoid valve or pneumatic ball valve for water feed and drainage, enabling easy operation with bush buttons.


Plate diameter 158 mm in diameter, 200 cm2
Drainage time (water) 4.0+0.2 sec. 200C+10C
Couch roll 105 mm in diameter, 180 mm long, weight 13 kg
Number of couching operations 5 (1 to 9) by presetting electromagnetic counter
Couching speed about 130 mm/second, by air cylinder speed control
Air source 0.5 MPa
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 3 A
Outer dimensions 1300X850X1320 mm
Instrument weight 310 kg


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