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Experimental orientated sheet former No.2543


The pulp and paper industry has been confronted with diverse problems such as requirements for resource saving, energy saving, and environmentally friendly activities, as well as development of value added products. Much attention has be devoted to relationship with the practical paper making machine, retention of filler and chemicals, and high concentration paper making. We KRK have developed an orientated paper machine that can be used instead of the conventional handmaking sheet machine. It is capable of changing the paper orientation as desired. Operation principle: slurry of a certain concentration is sprayed through the nozzle onto the wire mesh with water wall, to form paper on the wire on the drum inner wall. With this machine you can make orientated paper sheets, and check the filler retention on the paper making machine with high accuracy and reproducibility.



Paper making speed 600 to 1700 m/min. (speed variation with inverter)
Paper making size 180 mm wide, 750 mm long
Motor three-phase 200/220 VAC, 2.2 kW
Automatic dehydrator optional
Power source three-phase 200/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 10A
Outer dimensions 1550x1000x1500 mm
Instrument weight 708 kg


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