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Labor-saving type standard sheet machine No.2548


This is an improved version of the standard sheet machine, for alleviating workload of the operator for couching. The couch roll is placed behind the water cylinder of sheet machine. It is taken out before couching. Press the roll to vertically move it by the function of an air cylinder. The roll is slowly placed down on the wet mat. At the end of the paper making, the roll is returned to the storage. Since it is not necessary to lift the couch roll by hand, it is very effective to prepare many sheets.


Paper making size 158 mm in diameter, 200 cm2
Wire cloth upper 150 mesh or 80 mesh, of bronze lower 20 mesh, of bronze
Drainage time (water) 4.0+0.2 seconds, 200C +10 C
Standard accessories agitator, couch roll, couch plate, drainage receiver, mounting support
Referential standards JIS P-8222-1998, ISO 5269/1,TAPPI T205om-88, TAPPI T-221om-81
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 3A
Air source 0.5MPa
Outer dimensions 1000X750X1340 mm (with support)
Instrument weight 155 kg


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