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QC-601 Manual Forming Machine


This Manual Forming Machine provides a specific pressure and temperature to form a specimen. This tester also has a cool water tube to cooling down the temperature of specimen when time's up the pressure and temperature. This tester is for preparing a specimen of rubber/plastic materials to offer the further material tests. Such as tension specimen, bending specimen etc. And the specimen also can be used for the compare of color adjustment. The mould of specimen has to match the producing of continued procedure, setting the using temperature, pressure and time and then wait for the specimen cooled down for removing. Some of materials need to be cooled down fast to be removed from mould smoothly.


Specs   Description
Power   Single Phrase,AC220V,30A
Max Output   10Ton or 30 Ton
Pressure Area   250mm X 250 mm
Pressure Distance   80mm
Temperature   50~300°C
Timer   0~999 Minutes
Dimension   48 x 65 x 135 (H) cm
Weight   200kg


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