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QC-602A Electrical Forming Machine


Both upper and lower platen have heating device and use oil hydraulic to compress. Pressure can be set 20%~90% of the full capacity. Place plastic or rubber material into the casting mold, grip it between upper and lower heating plate, apply pressure and certain temperature to form the material into a standard shape to be a sample to serve for test, or to be an example of color comparison, also to be example before mass-production.


Specs    Description
 Capacity (Pressure)    10Ton,30Ton, 50Ton
 temperature    Room temperature ~ 300?

 Heating speed :40?-200? ,with 18 min

 Cooling speed?200?-60?, within 15 min

 Optional device    Cooling water circulation system
 Timer    0 ~ 999Minutes
 Platen Area    30×30 cm
 Distance between heating platens    120 mm (Max.)
 Attachment    Mold for forming specimen: 1Set
 Dimension    110×70×152 cm(W×D×H)
 Weight    320 kg (for 10 tons machine)
 Power    Three phase, 220V,50or 60HZ, 15A


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