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QC-640 Impact Specimen Angle Cutting Device


Impact Specimen Angle Cutting Device. This machine can cut various depth V shape according to different standard. To produce IZOD and CHARPY specimens, need to cut a V angle on the middle of specimen to less the diversity. The cutting speed of this tester can be adjusted according to the material of specimen, also according to the different angle depth, can adjust or change the shape of cutting tool to produce different angle cut.


Specs    Description
 Cutting through angle    45°(or specified)
 Cutting Radius    R0.25(or Specified)
 Specimen Length    140mm (MAX)
 Specimen Dimension    3X10~13X13mm(ThicknessX Height)
 Power    Single Phrase,220V,3A
 Weight    40kg
 Dimension    48 X 37 X 36(h)cm
 Cutting Speed    30-550m/min.


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