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Gas & Smoke SN Autocheck


Autochek Gas & Smoke Analyzer integrates gaseous analyzer (CO, CO2, HC O2,
NOx, Lamda and AFR) for Gasoline, LPG, CNG cars. Exceeds performance
requirements of BAR 97 and OIML Class 0 & 1. can use measurement motorcycle 4
stroke and 2 stroke.
Autochek Gas & Smoke Analyzer measuring for diagnosa polutan (Opacity/Opasitas)
for fuel diesel standard Performance Requirements Design Criteria conforms to
French NF R 10-025 Standard ISO 11614. Automatic calculation of averages,
Automatic Zero Calibration and self diagnostic, Measurement in N-Value(%) or kValue(m-1), Heavy duty and high accuracy Smoke meter.
Result data reading compare with standard gas limit, Autochek Gas & Smoke
Analyzer at facility Management Information, standard gas limit, automatic zero
calibration, Inspecting place, Maintenance, date, a Clock, sampling time.




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