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Coefficient of friction tester for cards No.2087


The coefficient of friction on a paper surface is one measure that indicates the surface condition of the paper. This COF tester measures the coefficients of friction in the following mechanism A 1-kg weight is placed on two overlapped sheets of the same specimen paper. While sliding the weight, coefficients of static and kinetic friction are read on a push-pull gauge. Optionally, a recorder can be installed to help read coefficients of static and kinetic friction more easily as well as to enable recording of changes of the kinetic friction force.


Specimen size 180x80 mm
Driving distance 50 mm, with automatic stop device
Weight 1000 g, size 76x76 mm
Driving speed 90 cm/min
Power source 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 A
Outer dimensions 560x350x300 mm
Instrument weight 42 kg


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