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Portable Hardness Tester TIME5106


Based on the testing principle of Leeb hardness,TIME5200 portable hardness tester can test the hardness of various metal materials fast and conveniently. It can be used to test the hardness of steel, cast steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, copper zinc alloy (brass),copper tin alloy (bronze),pure copper, forging steel and so on. The pure English display menu makes it easy to operate. It also has the advantage of long stand-by time due to the internally-stalled NiMH rechargeable battery. It is suitable for testing those workpieces that have large volume or hard to move. It is especially for the work site and field working.


• Materials, hardness scales, testing direction and measurement times can be selected.
• Conversion between three hardness scales HLG????HB and HRB
• Automatic identify impact direction
• Review, delete, clear current measured data and calculate average value
• 200 measured data can be stored
• Measured data is transferred to computer via USB interface
• Automatic monitor the battery, auto shut down


Impact device G type
Impact energy 90mJ
Work mode Used single or system mode (Can be connected to TH180, as a slave unit)
Display OLED screen, 320Í240 dot matrix, brightness adjustable
Measuring range 200~750HLG
Error ±12HLG
Repeatability 12HLG
Measuring direction 360°
Hardness scales HLG?HB?HRB
Memory 200 average value
Interface USB
Data output Transfer data to PC 
Transfer data to TH180
Operating voltage 3.3V
Operating temperature 0~40?
Relative humidity ≤90%
Transmission distance 10 m
Dimensions 254mm Í 50mm Í 40mm
Weight 310g


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