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Voltage Tester | C.A 745


Test voltage in complete safety


The C.A 745 tests AC and DC voltage, continuity and resistance in complete safety with indication by buzzer and LED


Voltage test 12 to 690V AC/DC (7 LEDs) with indication by buzzer of voltage over 50V
Test probes positioned 19mm apart (2P+E current sockets)
Phase/neutral identification (using one hand only!)
Polarity test LED +/-
Audible continuity test R <2kΩ & diode tes
Resistance test - 2kΩ to 300kΩ (3 LEDs)
Utilisation frequency 0-400Hz
Voltage protection 1000V
Autotest of the 9V battery and overall operation of the tester from the test probe to the LEDs via the electronic lead
Impedance 400kΩ
Electrical safety EC 1010-1 600V Cat III
Storage system for test probes
Dimensions 179 x 47 x 33mm
Weight 170g


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