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Analogue Multimeter C.A 5001


The analogue multimeter for any site


Reinforced safety for your measurements:
- “Fus” light: HBC fuse test
- “VoltestTM” light: presence of voltage on ohmmeter*
■ Automatic zero reset on ohmmeter*
■ μA ranges
■ Compact, shockproof case, with “MultistandTM”
multi-purpose fold-away stand


DC voltage 100mV to 1,000V (8 cal.)
accuracy 1.5% except 100mV cal.(2.5%)
AC voltage 10V to 1,000V (5 cal.)
bandwidth [20Hz-100kHz] at 10V,[20Hz-1kHz] at 300V and 1,000V
accuracy 2.5% except 100mV cal.(3%)
DC intensity 5µ to 5A (5 cal.)
AC intensity 5mA to 5A (4 cal.)
bandwidth [40Hz-5kHz],
Accuracy 2.5% except 5A cal.(5%)
typical accuracy 1.5%. Impedance: 20kΩ/V
resistance 10kΩ and 1MΩ
audible continuity test R < 50Ω
dB scale (AC voltages) Fuse LED
dimensions 160 x 105 x 56mm
Weight 500g


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