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Vibration Meter Multi Channel Model-1607a


This  a VIBRATION METER as Small charge vibrometer capable of multichannel simultaneous measurement. General-purpose type small vibrometer capable of measuring three modes of acceleration, velocity and displacement. Wide-band and capable of measuring from a minute level to a large level. Capable of selecting a band matching a measurement object because of the built-in high-pass/low-pass filter. Capable of appropriately using various sensors with ease by the easy setting of the sensor’s sensitivity. Capable of using a remote charge converter and a detector with a built-in preamp in addition to an ordinary charge-output type  detector.


3CH mounted        
Amp Unit   MODEL-1607A   3pc
Power Supply Unit   MODEL-1607A-10M   1pc
Channel Case   MODEL-1607A-23   1pc
Instruction manual       1copy
*Capable of multichannel, max. 10-channel.


Input Rear Panel BNC Connector, Charge-Output Sensor/ Built-in Preamp
Charge input   PU SENS×1:1.00-9.99pC/G
    PU SENS×10:10.0-99.9pC/G
Max input charge   10,000pC
Voltage Input Connector   PU SENS×1:1.00-9.99mV/G
    PU SENS×10:10.0-99.9mV/G
Max input voltage   ±10V
Supply current   2mA, 15VDC(0.4-4mA)
AC OUT(BNC)   Vibration waveform output
    ±1V/FS Output resistance 100Ω 5mA Max.current
DC OUT(BNC)   Trend recording as level output
    0-1VDC Output resistance 100Ω 5mA Max.current
Overload lamp   When the linear range is exceeded in the internal circuit,
LED lamp is on.
Measuring Range
ACC1(G)   1Hz-50kHz(1dB), 2Hz-20kHz(0.5dB)
    PU SENS×10:0.0316/0.1-100/316/FS
    PU SENS×1:0.316/1-1000/3160/FS
ACC2(m/s2)   1Hz-50KHz(1dB), 2Hz-20kHz(0.5dB)
    PU SENS×10:0.316/1-1000/3160/FS
    PU SENS×1:3.16/10-10000/31600/FS
VEL(cm/s)   3Hz-(0.5dB)
    PU SENS×10:0.316/1-1000/3160/FS
    PU SENS×1:3.16/10-10000/31600/FS
DISP(mm)   3Hz-(0.5dB)
    PU SENS×10:0.1/0.316-316/1000/FS
    PU SENS×1:1/3.16-3160/10000/FS
DISP2(mm)   10Hz-(0.5dB)
    PU SENS×10:0.01/0.0316-31.6/100/FS
    PU SENS×1:0.1/0.316-316/1000/FS
High-pass filter(Hz)   OUT(1Hz)/3/10/30/100
Low-pass filter(Hz)   300/1k/3k/10k/OUT(50KHz)
The Others
Accuracy   Within 3% at 80Hz,100pC input
Cal signal   80Hz,±1V max. sinusoidal wave
Temperature, Humidity   0-50ºC,90%RH max.
Dimensions, weight   35(W)×177(H)×230(D)mm 0.7kg
Power Supply Unit MODEL-1607A-10M
AC100V ±10%, CAL signal:80Hz ±1V sinusoidal wave, 10CH selectable monitor meter.
Dimensions, weight   90(W)×177(H)×230(D)mm 1.1kg
Channel Case, weight   3CH- 1.8kg 6CH- 2.5kg


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