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Vibration Calibrator Model-8100


The VIBRATION CALIBRATOR Model-8100 is a one of VIBRATION INSTRUMENT, tis model is a Portable Vibration Calibrator is  designed for checking and calibrating a vibration pickup or a vibration Meter  easily in a  factory or other operation fields, thereby providing the user with reliable data.


Portable Vibration Calibrator   MODEL-8100   1pc
Portable case       1pc
AC Cable       1pc
Instruction manual       1copy


Vibration Calibrator a part  
a)Dynamic rated force Maximum 9.8N volume into change
b)Frequency range 5Hz - 5KHz
c)Displacement, peak max. 5mm P-P
d)Movable mass 75g with in
e)Flexure stiffness 400g/mm
f)Distortion factor 80Hz, 500Hz 10m/s2 to 2% with in
Vibration meter a part  
(a)Acceleration range 0 - 199.9m/s2
  Resolution 0.1m/s2
  Limit of error 3% with in
  (80Hz,10m/s2 ,25 °C )
  Frequency response
  5Hz - 5KHz
(b)Displacement range 0 - 1.999mmP-P
  Resolution 1μmP-P
  Limit of error 3% with in
  (80Hz,10m/s2 ,25 °C )
  Frequency response
The other specifications  
a)Ambient temperature -20°C-50°C
b)Power supply AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz


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