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Vibration Meter Portable Balancer Model-7102a


This system is furnished with functions VIBRATION METER, tachometer and balancer. and also contained in a shoulder case and is therefore portable. Model 2007 VIBRATION DETECTOR included in this system is small in size and can be hand-held when conducting measurement.
A xenon lamp employed in the Stroboscope enables to make measurement clearly. This system is provided for the purpose of monitoring with output terminals with which waveform observation or recording can be made. The amplifier is small in size and light in weitht and is composed of circuits of high reliability and stability employing IC's and semiconductors. Control knobs and switches are all arranged on the front panel for convenient operation.


1.Portable Balancer Amplifier
  1 set   6.Shoulder Case   1pce
2.Vibration Detector Model-2007
    (complete with contact pin)
  1 set   7.Instruction Manual   1copy
3.Cable 3m for the above   1pce   OPTIONS    
4.Stroboscope   1 set   Detector Mounting Magnet.    
5.Cable 3m for the above   1pce   Calculator with built-in software
(for calculation and adjustment
of direction and weight).


Vibration Detector   Model-2007 Electro dynamic Type, 80mV/cm/ sec.
Measuring Ranges   5 steps of 10,30,100,300 and 1000μmp-p F.S.
Speed Range   300 to 30,000 r.p.m.
Filter Characteristics   Band-Pass Filter, Q=10.
300 to 3000 rpm(ׂPRange)
3000 to 30000 rpm (ׂP0 Range)
Oscillation Frequeny   Same with that of Filter (as functions of Tachometer)
Stroboscope   Handy Type with incorporated Xenon Lamp.
Flashing Time: 5 to 10μs.
Monitor Output   ±1V Max../F.S., 10KΩ or more.
±5mA Max../F.S., 20Ω or less.
Provided with Output Adjustor.
Power Supply   100V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30VA.
Dimensions and weight   120(H)×240(W)×150(D)mm.
Approx. 2.5 Kg.
Optional Accessories   Calculator for prompt adjustment and calculation of
direction and weight at which correction should be made.


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