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Vibration Meter Shock Meter Model-1340a


Compact and lightweight. Vibration acceleraton measurement in VIBRATION MODE and shock acceleration measurement in SHOCK MODE are available. Easy reading of 0 to 2000m/s2 without changing sensitivity. Charge amplifier assures stable sensitivity. Built-in low pass filter cuts unnecessary high-frequency waves.


Digital Accelerometer Model 1340A   Output cable(1m)
Piezoelectric Pickup Model 2304A   Dry cell(6LR61)
(with M6 screws,contact pin,handler)   Small-size slotted screwdriver
Low noise cable LNC-1A-3(3m)   Shoulder case
Magnet holder MG-1   Operation Manual


(1)INPUT TRANSDUCER   Piezoelectric pickup Model 2304A Approx.50pC/m/s2
(2)INPUT TERMINAL   Charge input type,BNC connector
(3)MEASURING RANGE   1-1999m/s2

(4)RESOLUTION   1m/s2(Peak)

(5)FREQUENCY RANGE   500Hz-5KHz,Within 5%
(6)LOW-PASS FILTER   Cut-off frequency 500Hz(-3dB),-12dB/OCT
(7)ACCURACY   3% of reading,±1m/s2

  (80Hz sine wave,100m/s2 vibration,23°C±3°C)
(8)DETECTION METHOD   VIBRATION Detection of absolute value of sine wave calibration,
peak value indication.

  SHOCK Detection of mean value,peak hold.

  Releasable by reset button.

  Peak hold is effective for acceleration of 10m/s2

  (For optional specifications,peak hold is effective for 100m/s2
(9)RESET FUNCTION   For use in SHOCK MODE to clear held value.
(10)AC OUTPUT   100mv/(m/s2),±2V,output resistance 1KΩ,mini-plug.

(11)DIGITAL INDICATOR   LCD,3(1/2)digits

  Sample rate VIBRATION About 3 times/sec.
(12)POWER SUPPLY   9V alkaline dry cell (6LR61)×1 Continuous use for more than 50 houres
(Or 9V manganese cell (006P) ×1)

  Bettery alarm about 7V or less,current consumption about 5mA.
(14)WEIGHT   Body Approx. 220g

  Full set with accessory Approx. 800g


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