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Vibration Meter Digital Display Model-1332b


This VIBRATION METER Digital  Display Model-1332b Extremely small size and light weight offers complete portability in field use. A charge amplifier input is incorporated to enable farpoint vibration measurements, eliminating influences originated in length of input cable.  No range selection is needed for acceleration measurement up to 200m/s2 for  velocity measurement up to 200mm/s (RMS) and for displacement measurement up to 2mm p-p. A hold-function is provided for digital readout holding which insures easy reading. A commercially-available transistoruse dry battery is used as the power source for complete portability. And the battery alarm system is incorporated for battery check. Piezo Electric Pickup is used as the input transducer for long life operation
and wide frequency range of 10 to 5000Hz.
Full accessories of a contact pin and a magnetic holder are provided as standard for various field use.


1. Digi-vibro   Model-1332b   1pc   6. Output Cable     1pc
2. Pickup   Model-2304b   1pc   7. Dry battery 006P   1pc
3. Contact pin and handler       1pc   8. Instruction Manual     1pc
4. Low noise cable   LNC-3F-1.5   1pc   9. Shoulder Case     1pc
5. Magnetic Holder   MG-1   1pc  


VIBRATION PICKUP: Piezo Electric Pickup Model-2304A
INPUT: BNC connection Charge input
ACCELERATION RANGE: 0 to 199.9m/s2
VELOCITY RANGE: 0 to 199.9mm/s(RMS)
DISPLACEMENT RANGE: 0 to 1.999mm(p-p)
FREQUENCY RANGE: 10Hz to 5000Hz ±5%(Acc:5Hz-)
ACCURACY: Acceleration 3% of Rdg± 1digit
  (at 80Hz, half of FS)
+0.15% of Reg /°C(typ)
AC OUTPUT: Output Resistance 1kΩwith mini-plug
  Acceleration :10mV/(m/s2)±2Vmax
  velocity: 10mV/mm/s ±2Vmax
  Displacement :2V/mm ±2Vmax
  Noise level : 1mV rms max
DIGITAL INDICATOR: Liquid Crystal Display 3( 1/2)digit
Sampling rate:approx.3 times/sec.
READOUT HOLDING: During depressing the HOLD button,
the readout can be held.
BATTERY: 006P(9V)1pc
  Available voltage 10V to 7.5V
  Battery Check alarm at 7V
  Continuous use more than 70 hours
DIMENSIONS&WEIGHT: Dimensions 75(W)×130(H)×24(D)mm
(AMPLIFIER) Weight 250 grams approx.


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