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Vibration Converter Vibro-Converter Model-2502


VIBRATION CONVERTER Vibro-Converter Model-2502 use  For vibration monitoring and control with simple and reliable.



Model 2502-03 2502-02 2502-01
Type Displacement Velocity Acceleration
Full scale range 200μmP-P 50mm/sRMS 100m/s2Peak
Measuring range 1%-110% of Full scale
Output current 4 to 20mA/0 to FS
Frequency range 10-500Hz 10-1000Hz 5-1000Hz
Linearity Within 1%
Accuracy Within 5% (80Hz,1/2 Full scale,20°C)
Transverse sensitivity Less than 5%
Driving voltage 9-28V DC
Warming up time 10sec. approx
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
Protection IP64
Vibration limit 200m/s2 for continuous 1000m/s2 for shock
Resonant frequency 5kHz approx
Withstand voltage AC1500V 1minute
Output cable 3m pig tale (VCTF2×0.75mm2)
Dimensions f45×H45mm
Weight 105g without cable
Accessories Setscrew M6 lengh=10
Option Digital monitor 2590
Mouning base


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