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Vibration Monitor Model-1590


  • Model-1590-01 is a 1-channel type VIBRATION MONITOR using a non contact displacement sensor.
  • Model-1590-03 is designed to indicate the larger displacement of the two radical vibration displacements of a rotor, and also  to give an alarm, when vibration exceeds the preset value.
  • Two high limits of alarming are provided. A delay timer for preventing wrong alarming  is incorporated.


Vibration displacement monitor unit Model-1590-01 1set
Non-contact displacement sensor TQ-402 1piece
Signal conditioner for sensor IQS-452 1piece
Cable CA3211-35m 1piece
(between signal conditioner and monitor)
Remarks: Model-1590-03 contains 2sets of TQ-402, IQS-452 and cable.


Measuring contents 1590-01 Seismic vibration displacement

1590-03 Indicating the larger displacement of the two radial displacements of a rotor.
Frequency range 1590-01 5Hz-50Hx ±5%

1590-03 2Hz-100Hz ±5%
Measuring range 0-600μmp-p/FS
Indicator scale Same as the above. Minimum scale is 1/30 of FS and GAP 0-4mmp-p.
Signal input Terminal on the rear panel.

Input sensitivity conforms to TQ402/IQS452
Monitor output 10Vp-p/FS, Load: 500Ωmax.

1590-01: Displacement wave signal, Terminal of the front panel.

1590-03: Displacement wave signal of X,Y direction.

BNC connector of the front panel.
OK Monitor lamp Lamp indication in normal ready condition.
Relay contact output SPDT(both ALERT and DENGER output)

Capacity AC: 220Vmax, 4Amax, 400VAmax.

DC: 110Vmax, 3Amax,50Wmax.
Alarm delay action Auto resetting action, Delay 60sec.
Recorder output DC 4-20mA, Load: 500Ωmax.
Signal input Terminal on the rear panel.
Power requirement AC220V ±10% 50/60Hz 20VA max.
Temperature Operating: 0-50°C, Storage: -20-+70°C


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