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Vibration Monitor Vibroswitch Model-1500a


  • Compact design, low price and accurate vibration monitoring at 2 upper limits.
  • Vibration modes for acceleration, velocity and displacement are selectable with internal switch.
  • Drip-proof aluminium housing connectable with flexible conduits.
  • Alarm level setting at a step of 1% from 1 to 99% with internal digital switch
  • Two differenct alarming steps, one for self-holding operation and the other
    for automatic resetting operation are provided.
  • Alarm delay of up to 60 seconds can be set to prevent misfunction.
  • Low power consumption of 12mA(Typ) at 24V  DC.
  • Usable for monitoring vibrations in motors, fans, piping,etc.


Alarm setting range:   1.Acceleration: 1-99m/s2(p)
(Select 1,2 or 3.)   2.Velocity: 1-99mm/s2(p)

3.Displacement: 001-0.99mm(p-p)
Flequency characteristics:   Acceleration: 5-500Hz
(+5%, -10%)   Velocity: 10-500Hz

Displacement : 10-500Hz
Accuracy:   Within 5% (25°C , 80Hz, 10m/s2)  

measurement of sinusoidal wave)
Linearity:   Within 1% of full scale
Driving power supply:   DC24V±0.5V, 12mA(Typ), 20mA(max)
Relay opelation:   Delay 0 to 60 sec variable

Self-holding operation and automatic resetting operation,
make contact by MOSFET.

(Resetting by turning off driving power supply)

Contact rating AC/DC 125V, 0.5A
Housing construction:   Materiai Aluminium(with neoprene packing)

protection IP-64
Vibration resistance:   10m/s2 for vibration, 100m/s2 for shock
Dielectric strength:   1500V AC between relay contact and housing for 1 minute

1500V AC between relay contact and power supply (24V) for 1 minute

Power line is connected to housing at 0.1μF
Applicable electric wire:   0.2-2.5mm2
Applicable conduit:   Flexible conduit, 15.8mm ID, 21.3mm OD



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