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Vibration Instrument Dynamic Amplifier Model-4055


VIBRATION INSTRUMENT Dynamic  Amplifier Model-4055 is one of Amplifier Unit Vibration testing.


Input characteristics Micro connector for charge input.
Max input charge 100,000pc
Pickup Sensitivity 1.00-999pC/Unit
Measuring range 0.1,0.3,1,3,10,30,100 Unit/V FS
Phase difference between channels 3Hz-15KHz(within ±5?)
Freq responce 2Hz-20KHz(±0.5dB)


Microphone sensitivity

Microphone power source A built-in power for the condencer microphone.
Measuring range(10dB step) 50-110dB/FS (10.0-99.9mV/Pa microphone is used at ×0.1 range)
  70-130dB/FS (The same range showing the front pannel)
  90-150dB/FS (1.00-9.99mV/Pa microphone is used at ×1 range)
Freq responce "LIN" 10Hz-20KHz (±0.5dB)
  "A" Weighing: Conformance with JIS or IEC for precision sound level meter.
Phase difference between channels(LIN) 10Hz-10KHz (within ±5?)


¦Listener/Talker Function via GB-IB  
Range setting Same range setting all the channels or individual range setting channel by channel.
Cal-Meas selection Simultaneous all channel selection.
Status reading Amplifier unit type, pickup sensitivity range and microphone amplifier weighting can be read.
Output level reading Specified channel's output level can be read in responce to the three step LED indicator.
SRQ function Service request is transmitted when overload, command error or calibration status is detected.
¦Manual operating functions  
Measuring range setting Selected channel can be set with the UP/DOWN switch.
CAL signal A calibration signal is simultaneously output from all the channels.
Output level The output level of the specified channel is indicated with an analog meter.


The Others

Rated output ±1V/FS,Non-distortion maximum output voltage:±10V(typical).
Output impedance 180Ω+100μ?
LED level indicator One green LED is lit when the signal level exceeding-20dB, and two green LED are lit exceeding-10dB.
Over load indicator Red LED is lit when the output voltage exceeding 1.4Vrms or exceeding the linear sphere.
CAL-signal 300Hz, ±1V, sinusoidal wave.
Temperature, Humidity 0-55°C , 90%RH max.
Size, weight In case of 10CH type 420(W)×149(H)×300(D)mm, 9.5kg.
  4055-01:550g, 4055-02:600g, 4055-10M:1750g Portable cases are lined up from 4 to 10 channel type.


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