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Portable Low Cost DataloggerPart of the NOMAD®Family OM-SC


- Measures and Records DC Current, DC Voltage Temperature, Contact Closure and Ambient Light
- Time Extension Recording - Automatic Sampling up to 1 Year
- Automatic Scaling - Provides for Best Resolution
- Easy-to-Use Windows Software


Whether the OM-SC datalogger records for an hour, a week or a year, by using its innovative time extension recording technique, the completed recording is at a sampling interval that is appropriate for the length of the recording session. Initially the datalogger samples every 0.88 seconds. In 2 hours, its memory is full. It then doubles its sampling interval and continues recording. After 4 hours, its memory is full again using a sampling interval of 1.76 seconds. Each time its memory fills up, the OM-SC doubles its sampling interval and repeats the process. Refer to the table above for a list of sampling intervals corresponding to various lengths of recording sessions.


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