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Paper Surface Oil Absorbency-Patra


Instrumen ini digunakan untuk menentukan ketahanan minyakpenyerapan permukaan kertas dan kertas karton yang disediakandengan self timer mulai Elektroni




Inclined plane 500 X 100 mm with a 4.5 degree gradient
Inclined plane covered with rubber offset blanket
Brass Roller 2.1 Kg, 76 mm diameter and 55 mm
Oil-burette delivers 0.02G oil droplet
Steel holder for oil burette
Using an average of 10 tests, the SORT (Surface Oil Resistance Time) can be determined
The SORT is the time taken for the 75% of the surface covered by oil to have absorbed the oil
The test is very sensitive to temperature. Results should only be compared at identical room temperatures


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