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Internal Plybond Tester


Dirancang untuk menentukan Bonding Kekuatan Internal Kertas,Karton dan Laminasidengan mengukur energi rata-ratadalam ribuan pon kaki diperlukan untuk delaminate spesimen dalam duatumpukanseperti yang dijelaskan referensi standar TAPPI T-569.



Made of Heavy cast iron base with built-in levelling device pressure sensitive tape dispenser integral with base and L shape sample holder

A Stationary Anvil and separable platen which the pendulum strike at the same point for each test


Sample Size 1” x 1”
Measuring range 0-0.25 Ft/lb
0-1.05 Ft/lb 
Clamping pressure 50 to 200 PSI


A pendulum of dual capacity and free to swing on ball bearing in dust proof bearing assembly. The range changing weights are available to select the pendulum capacity.

A mechanism for holding the pendulum in raised position with a provision instantaneous release.

A plexiglass peak pointer to register the maximum arc, enough which the pendulum swings when release.

The scale is calibrated in thousands of a foot pound in both ranges, with a reference point for calibrating the pointer in free swing to compensate for friction during swing.

The five number specimen preparation unit, which will allow for variations of specimen thicknesses, with different clamping pressures on the specimen from 50 to 200 PSI in 50 PSI increments with provided spacer rings.


T 569 pm-00 and other related T 833 pm-94
Standard calibration sliding weight with sample holder.
Double side adhesive tape width 1”.


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