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Professional 60m Laser Distance Meter 60, x60


A very useful tool for various types of applications in construction and industries and a very convenient to that gives accurate measurement of distance, area and volume especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, gardens, roads, infrastructures, and many other applications requiring accurate results for distance , area and volume measurement.


* Wide measuring range of up to 60M
* Not shake while take measurement
* Instant measurement of distance, area & volume with one-button operation
* Automatic calculation of area and volume
* Indirect measurements by Pythagorean Theorem
* High accuracy
* Continuous measurement
* Min/Max distance tracking
* Easy addition/subtraction of measurement
* Front or rear edge reference
* Selectable meter(m), inch(in) and feet (ft)
* Easy targeting with bright laser pointer
* Large LCD with backlight and multi-line display
* 10 data records
* Reduce estimation errors, saving time and money
* Auto correction and error report technology
* Low battery indication
* Rated to IP54 - Splash proof and dust proof
* Auto / manual power off function
* Easy targeting with bright laser
* Multifunction with intelligent calculation
* Designed for indoor and outdoor use
* Compact & handy


* Measuring Range(m):0.05 to 60m
* Display illumination and multi-line display: yes and with 4 lines display
* Tilt sensor: ±45º(only for and model x60)
* Level gauge on/off: only for and model x60
* Horizontal measurement accuracy: ±3º
* Measuring Accuracy(mm):±2mm
* Measuring unit option:m/in/ft
* Continuous measurement function: yes
* Distance,area measurement function: yes
* Vol.measurement function: yes
* Indirect measurement by Pythagorean theorem:yes
* Add and subtract measurement function:yes
* Max.store:10 data record
* Max/Min distance tracking(display value instant)-under continous measurement:yes
* Auto.backlight:yes
* Beep indication on/off: yes
* Laser class:Class II
* Laser type: Wave=635nm, ≤1mw
* Laser auto.off:30 seconds
* Power auto.off: 180 seconds
* Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
* Working temperature: 0°C to 40°C
* Storage humidity: 85%RH
* Battery: 1.5V AAA x2
* Battery life: 3000 times for single measurement
* Weight(included battery): 85g(without battery)
* Size: 113x45x25mm


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