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Brinell Hardness Tester THB-62.5THBP-62.5


Digunakan untuk menguji lembaran logam, tabung berdinding tipis kekerasan permukaan dari baja ringan hingga baja keras



Model THB-62.5S THBS-62.5S THBP-62.5S THB-62.5 THBS-62.5


Hardness value range (4-650)HBW
Test Force 9.8?49?61.29?98?153.2?294.2? 306.25?612.9
  (1?5?6.25?10?15.625? 30? 31.25?62.5Kg)
Tolerance ±3.0%
Test force choosing Keyboard input
Carriage control Loading/dwell/unloading (automatic)
Dwell time 5 to 99s
Turret Manual Motorized
Digital Eyepiece    
Eyepiece Resolution 0.5μm 0.25μm 0.25μm 0.5μm 0.25μm 0.25μm
Amplification of Object lens 5×?10×
Magnification 50×?100×
Measuring Range 400μm
Optical channel Dual Optical channel : Eyepiece and Image pick-up device
Light resource 5V/3W LED
Trim filter Blue
Display items Indentation diameter, Hardness value, dwell time, test force N, kf
Max. height of the specimen 220 mm
Max. width of the specimen 160mm
Working Temperature 10? to 38?
Humidity 10%  to  90%
RS232 interface for Inbuilt Printer    
Data statistic    
Dimensions 560 × 190 × 700mm
Net Weight 50kg


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