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Specific Sensors


Modifications to the standard eddy current sensors are often required, particularly for small and large series. Therefore, we modify the measuring systems according to your specific requirements. e.g. changes to the cable, sensor material and design, and to the controller. For example, sensors with integrated electronics in a miniature housing or special sensor designs are often requested by systems integrators.


Customized sensors with Embedded Coil Technology

Eddy current sensors that are manufactured by using the ECT method, provide many benefits in use. Due to the miniature design and its construction using inorganic materials, there is virtually unlimited scope in terms of external design and shape of the sensor. High temperature stability and a long 


 life are also achieved by using special materials. If required, the complete evaluation electronics can be integrated in the sensor. ECT sensors are suitable for very harsh operating environments, e.g. where there are strong vibrations or shocks, high temperatures up to 350°C, in electromagnetic fields or in vacuum conditions. Examples for realized applications: Alignment of mirror segments on giant telescopes, semiconductor manufacture in ultra high vacuums, measurement of grinding gap on refiners used in paper mills.



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