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Sound Level Meter (28)~130 dB with software SL4201


This high-precision high quality high accuracy Sound Level Meter (28 to 130 Decibels) has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of Safety Engineers, Health, Industrial Safety offices and Sound Quality control in various environment


* Designed according to International Electrician Committee Standard IEC 651 TYPE 2 ,ANSI S1.4 TYPE 2
* Wild Measurement Range: 30-130dB
* Windscreen/sponge ball to filter-out unwanted signals
* With Bar graph & Overload Indication (Over/Under)
* With 2 equivalent weighted sound pressure levels A and C
A frequency weighting for general sound level measurements
C frequency weighting for checking the low-frequency content of sounds
* AC & DC analogy signal output are available connecting to frequency analyzer level recorder, FFT analyzer and graphic record
* Large LCD screen with digits reading
* Fast and Slow dynamic characteristic mode
* Maximum value hold function to lock up the maximum reading
* Dynamic sound level ranges & battery life indication
* Data storage
* With interface


* Frequency range:31.5Hz to 8KHz
* Measuring range:(28)30-130dB
* Frequency Weighting:A/C
* Microphone:1/2 inch polarization capacitance microphone
* Digital Display:4 digit LCD
* Resolution:0.1dB
* Display Update:2 times/sec
* Time Weighting:FAST 125ms
??????? SLOW 1 second
* Measuring ranges:
???Range 1:?28?30dB to 70 dB
???Range 2:60dB to 100 dB
???Range 3:90dB to 130 dB
* Accuracy:±1.5dB(reference conditions 94dB@1kHz)
* Dynamic range:40dB
* MAX hold: "MAX"
* Data storage:60000 samples
* Interface:USB interface
* Power: one 9V battery
* Operating environment: Temperature: 0-40??32-104°F?
  Relative humidity: ≤75%RH


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