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Digital Sound Level Meter MS6708


This high-precision high quality high accuracy Sound Level Meter (30 to 130 Decibels) has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of Safety Engineers, Health, Industrial Safety offices and Sound Quality control in various environment.


* Max/Min/Data hold
* High Accuracy
* Fast response: Fast 125ms, slow 1 sec
* High Performance
* Back light
* Over range indication “under” or “over”
* Auto range or manual range
* Fast or slow mode selected
* Display: Digital Display & Analog bars display
* Power supply: 4x 1.5V AAA battries
* Dimension:184x60x29mm, Weight: 190g
* Low battery indication


* Sound pressure accuracy: ±1.5dB(sound pressure standard, 94dB@1kHz
* Sound pressure accuracy: ±5dB(sound pressure standard, 94dB@8kHz
* Sound pressure frequency response: 50 dB(for each measurement gear level)
* Dynamic range of sound pressure: 30-130dB A, 35-130dB C
* Sound pressure frequency weighting characteristics: A and C characteristics
* Dynamic characteristic of sound pressure: Fast 125ms.Slow 1 sec
* Microphone: polarized capactitive microphone
* Display: Digital Display and Analog Bars Display
* Auto range
* Reaction rate: Fast/slow selection
* Back light
* Low battery indication


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