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Pen type Conductivity Meter CT-3030,CT-3031


CT-3030 Pen conductivity meter is a precision instrument for test solution US value. Simultaneously display the U.S. value and temperature. CT-3031 Pen conductivity meter is a precision instrument used in the test solution mS value. MS value and the temperature is displayed at the same time.Its stable performance, full-featured, easy to operate and so on. Making it the field and laboratory testing and control of enterprises and institutions uS value. Widely used in the monitoring of the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other industries


* The meter using a microcontroller
* LCD display. Waterproof shell.
* Small size, portable, measuring at any time more convenient to use.
* Low power consumption
* wide measurement range, the electrode can be replaced.
* Build in temperature sensor,ATC(auto temperature compensation)
* Electrode integrated digital pen type conductance meter
* high accuracy
* Automatic conversion of ?/?
* Automatic power off
* Low voltage indication
* Hold function


* Measuring range: 0~1999us/cm( for CT-3030); 0~19.99ms( for CT-3031)
* Accuracy: ±2%FS
* Resolution: 1us(for CT-3030);0.01ms(for CT-3031)
* Automatic temperature compensation: 0?~50?
* Operating Temperature: 0?~50?
* Correction point: 1413us/cm(for CT-3030), 12.88ms/cm(for CT-3031)
* Correction: 1:00 automatic correction
* Automatic shut off: 5 minute
* Display: Dual display of Conductivity and Temperature
* Battery: 6V(4x AG13 button batteries)
* Size: 188mmx38mm
* Weight: 82g


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