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Inspecting Tube Ends


All NDT test methods have some limitation in regard to testing to the very end of a tube. These “untested
ends” must be cut off, resulting in a substantial loss of product and revenue, or the manufacturer needs to
develop a method to test these ends to meet the tube integrity requirement. Some industries require that the
end be tested to a higher level of integrity because it is being expanded, threaded, or welded in the field,
and end integrity is critical to the tube performance. MAC’s new UT End Tester provides a solution to this


MAC’s Echomac FD-5 electronics provide the
critical software for controlling the transducers
and receiving, adjusting, analyzing, and
reporting the test results.


The Echomac® UT End Tester consists of two
independent, identical test stations designed to
inspect the untested portion of a tube end.
Generally this portion would range between 250
and 500mm from the tube end, depending on the




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