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TIME3220 Surface Roughness Tester


TIME3220 handheld roughness tester is a brand new product of our company. It is always used in the work site, scientific labs and factory metrology rooms. Handheld roughness tester TIME3220 can test the surface roughness of multiple of machining components.



Test Principle Inductance type
Measurement Range 400μm
Stylus tip Radius 5μm/2μm
Stylus tip Material Diamond
Measuring force 4mN/0.75 mN
Stylus tip Angle 90°/60°
Radius of Skid curvature 45mm
Maximum drive range 19mm/0.748inch
Traversing speed Measuring? Cut off length = 0.08 mm Vt=0.25 mm/s
Cut off length = 0.25 mm Vt=0.25mm/s
Cut off length = 0.8 mm Vt=0.5 mm/s
Cut off length=2.5mm Vt=1mm/s
Returning V=1mm/s
Accuracy Less than or equal to ±10%
Repeatability ≤6%
Cut-Off Length 0.08mm?0.25mm?0.8mm?2.5mm selectable
Evaluation Length (1~5 )L selectable
Measuring rang and resolution Measuring Range Resolution
Automatic 0.001μm ?0.008μm
±50μm 0.001μm
±200μm 0.008μm
Power Built-in Li battery
Power adapter Input: 100 V?240VAC?50/60Hz Output: 9V, 3A
Working environment Temperature: 0?~40? Humidity: < 90% RH
Storage and transport
Temperature: - 40? ~ 60? Humidity: < 90% RH     
Dimensions 155.4×75×56mm
Weight Approximately 760g


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