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TR100 Surface Roughness Tester


Portable Surface Roughness Tester - TR100 is a pocket-sized economically priced instrument for measuring surface texture conforming to traceable standards. It can be used on the shop floor in any position, horizontal, vertical or anywhere in between.



Model TR100
Roughness parameter Ra, Rz
Tracing length 6mm
Tracing speed 1.0mm/sec
Cut-off lengths 0.25mm/0.8mm/2.5mm
Evaluation length 1.25mm/4.0mm/5.0mm
Measuring range Ra: 0.05-10.0μ
Rz: 0.1-50μ
Accuracy ±15%
Repeatability <12%
Filter RC analogue
Pick-up Piezoelectric
Radius and angle of the stylus point Diamond, Radius : 10±2.5μ 
Angle: 90°(+5°or  -10°)
Operating temperature 0-40?
Relative humidity <80%
Storing temperature -25? -60?
Vertilation Grade 3
Power supply 3.6V/2×NiMh-batteries
Backlight No
Charger DC 9V, 8 - 12 hours (recharging time)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 125×73×26mm
Weight 200g


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