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TIME2260 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


The principle of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is ultrasonic pulse reflection. The pulse was reflected back to the probe when the ultrasonic pulse sent by the probe reaches the material interface through the tested object. We can get the thickness of the measured material based on the accurate time that the ultrasonic transits in the material. Time Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge series are non-destructive testing instrument integrated with modern scientific electronic and measuring technology. They are equipped with microcomputers that can analyze, handle and display the current data. Furthermore, they are integrated with highly optimized measuring circuit, which makes them have the advantage of high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, being easy to operate, stable working and so on. TIME2260 is wildly used in petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aeration and space industries. Besides, TIME2260 is very suitable for the application of high altitude, high risk and single-hand occasion.TIME2260 meets up the standard of ZB N77 001 ultrasonic thickness gauge general technology condition and JJF 1126 ultrasonic thickness gauge calibration.



Transducer 5MHz, Dia.12mm
Zero calibration Aut
Gauge calibration Calibrate the sound velocity when the thickness is known
Calibrate the thickness when the sound velocity is known
Unit mm/inch
Backlight Auto/Off/On
Measuring range 1.2mm~200mm(Steel)
Display resolution 0.001inch(?10.000inch)      0.01inch(≥10.000inch)
0.001mm (?10.00mm)        0.01mm (?100.00mm)
0.1mm (≥100.00mm)
Repeatability ±0.03mm
Sound velocity 1000 m/s?9999m/s
Operating temperature 0??40?
Storage temperature -20??60?
Surface temperature of the transducer -10??60?
Battery AA alkaline battery?one piece?
Weight ?300g
Dimensions Φ40mm×120mm


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