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RGT-01 Vacuum Packaging Analyzer


Headspace Analysis



This instrument is based on the combination of differential pressure method and fluid level analysis technique. It is the only instrument in the market so far that provides the quantitative analysis of seal performance and residual oxygen for various flexible vacuum packages.




RGT-01 system utilizes Labthink's latest embedded computer control system that provides a better performance than traditional single chip system.




The instrument is equipped with Labthink's latest intelligent operating software, with user-friendly operating interface and intelligent data management. It also supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System, which ensures uniform management of test results and test reports.




Technical Specifications

SpecificationsPackage Test
Test Range 
(Residual Gas)
0 ~ 15 mL(standard) 
Note: As a default setting, residual oxygen volume can be obtained by multiplying this value by 20.9%. Customization is available for other test range.
(Residual Oxygen)
 ±0.1 mL (Gas volume is 0 - 5 mL)
 ±0.3 mL (Gas volume is 5 - 10 mL)
 ±0.5 mL (Gas volume is 10-15 mL)
Vacuum 0 ~ -90 KPa
Accuracy 0.25 KPa
Port Size Φ6 mm
Instrument Dimensions 580 mm (L) x 320 mm (W) x 540 mm (H)
Power AC 220V  50Hz
Net Weight 61 kg


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