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Container Gas Permeability Tester G2/130


This instrument is based on the differential pressure method, and professionally applicable to the determination of gas transmission rate of finished package containers. Test gases could be air, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and testable containers include various bottles of carbonated drinks, juice, tea, as well as packages of edible oil, dairy products, washing supplies and metal containers.





SpecificationsPackage Test
Test Range 0.0001 ~ 1800 mL/pkg·day
Vacuum Resolution 0.1 Pa (standard)
Number of Specimens 1, 2 or 3
Test Temperature Ambient Temperature (Standard)
Test Humidity Closed Mode: 0%RH, 2%RH ~ 98.5%RH, 100%RH
Test Gas O2, N2, and CO2 (outside of supply scope)
Gas Supply Pressure 0.4 MPa ~ 0.6 MPa
Port Size ?6 mm PU Tubing
Specimen Size Max od. < ?114 mm; height < 350 mm;
Bottle mouth: od. < ?47 mm, id. > ?9 mm;
Customization is available.
Instrument Dimension 670 mm (L) x 490 mm (W) x 653 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 50 kg


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