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Our newest shaft alignment offering, the S-660 features standard wireless communication, PDA smart phone, color software and high accuracy that makes it the best value in entry-level shaft alignment lasers. Over 45 years of laser alignment experience has gone into the design of the S-660 to produce a system that is unparalleled in the entry-level class of the laser alignment market.


Our Dual-Fan™ technology produces a laser fan with very little divergence that allows the use of fan-type laser for distance up to 15 feet but without having to increase power, a typical problem with fan-type lasers. Utilizing our state-of-the-art electronics, the S-660 able to offer accuracy that is up to 5 times more accurate than competitive lasers. That combined with wireless communication and a 20 mm sensor means the S-660 can outperform much more expensive lasers from our competitors!


Our step-by-step software guides the user through the alignment and allows it to be used by the most inexperienced millwright, but at the same time has the upgrade capability for more advanced users.


  • Technology: Dual-Fan™
  • Software: Couple5 for Smartphones and PDAs
  • System configuration: S-660 system with R-1340 Smart Phone or R-1345 Rugged PDA and Couple5 Software with S-1395-EL Entry-Level Features License. Upgradable features include: Bolt Bound™, Thermal Growth Modeling Screen, Spacer Shafts, Repeatability/History Table, User Defined Tolerances, Vertical Machine, and many more.
    Couple5 Screen Tour





  • 1. L-780 Dual-Fan™ Laser
  • 2. T-1280 Dual-Fan™ 3-Axis Wireless Target with 20x1 mm PSD and 1 micron res. and BT Class 2
  • 3. R-1340 Smart Phone or R-1345 PDA with Couple5 software pre-installed
  • 4. S-1395-EL Entry-Level Features License & electronic manual.
  • 5. A-970 Standard Bracket Set for 1” to 6” (25 mm to 152 mm) shafts with 6” (152 mm) Posts
  • 6. USB A/C charging adapter for laser/target
  • 7. USB charging cable
  • 8. Tape measure
  • 9. Rugged, sealed shipping case with custom-cut foam.


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Sangat jarang perusahaan seperti ini di Indonesia!  Mereka terus-menerus mengikuti perkembangan inovasi engineering test & measurement, “nyambung” berdiskusi teknis dan berpengalaman, memiliki visi pengembangan teknologi pengukuran, pengujian, inspeksi dan monitoring.(Dr.-Ing. Ir. May Isnan - NDT Specialist B2TKS-BPPT)


Tim kerja Alat Uji dapat diandalkan. Sangat bagus dalam implementasi di lapangan. Secara umum kami puas dengan services nya!(Andre - HSE Chevron)


Saya baru sekali ini bertemu perusahaan engineering yang eksis seperti ini di Indonesia.  Sangat terbantu dengan solusi yang diberikan, sangat memuaskan!(Muksin Saleh, ST., MT - Fuel Conversion and Pollution Control Specialist, B2TE - BPPT)


Sistem monitoring yang disuplai oleh Alat Uji adalah yang tertinggi ratingnya sampai dengan saat ini dibandingkan sistem lain yang pernah kami miliki, Dengan sistem monitoring dari Alat Uji, Pengujian kami jadi lebih terkontrol karena ada visualisasi di sistemnya. (Gatot Sukmara - Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan, Departemen Pekerjaan Umum)

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