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Oil Bath Tester UA-2072


Pneumatic Cutter UA-2222


Abrasion Resistance Tester (DIN type) UA-2076


Aging Oven Tester UA-2071B Big Size


Aging Oven Tester UA-2071A Small Size


Filler Dispersion Grader FDG-A1


Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester UA-2207


Rubber Process Analyzer [RPA] UR-2020


Optimum Cure Analysis System (OCAS) 2010-OCAS


Low Temperature Retraction Tester (TR Tester) UD-4000


Electronic Densimeter MD-300S


Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber (Standard type) UA-2079LX


Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber (Standard type) UA-2079


Dynamic Fatigue Tester UD-3800


Tyre Section Cutting Machine UA-2087


Tyre Plunger Testing System UP-2092


Tyre Plunger Testing System UP-2091


Ozone Tester Chamber UA-2074HD


Ozone Tester Chamber UA-2074


Carbon Black Dispersion Tester UD-3500


Dynamic Testing System UD-3600XYZ


Dynamic Testing System UD-3600(With Temp. Oven)


Dynamic Testing System UD-3600(200Hz)


Tensile Strength Tester UT-3700


Tensile Strength Tester UT-3500


Tensile Strength Tester UT-3200


Tensile Strength Tester UT-2060


Tensile Strength Tester UT-2080


Tensile Strength Tester UT-3100


Mooney Viscometer UM-2050


Foam Pressure Rheometer UR-2030SD


Oscillating Disk Rheometer (Standard ODR Type) UR-2070


Rotorless Rheometer (Standard MDR Type) UR-2010SD


Rheometer MDR-A1


Rotorless Rheometer (Standard MDR Type) UR-2010






NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester


PARAM XLW Auto Tensile Tester


TH210 Shore Durometer