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Tachometer | PLT 5000


The PLT-5000 Pocket Laser Tachometer accurately measures RPM and Surface speed using contact or non-contact measurement techniques. This battery-powered unit is extremely compact for convenient portable use and is supplied in a rugged and attractive plastic housing that is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort.

When measuring RPM in the non-contact measuring mode, the PLT-5000 emits a precision laser beam that is aimed at a small piece of reflective tape, which is affixed to the rotating target.

The PLT-5000 is extremely easy to operate and quickly converts from non-contact operation to contact operation by screwing the contact adapter in place. In addition to RPM’s, a wide variety of engineering units for surface speed and length are user-selected via the front panel buttons. Units include; feet per minute, meters/min, yards per minute, inches per minute and more.

A built-in memory stores up to 10 measurements plus minimum, maximum, average and last.


  • FREE traceable calibration certificate
  • Sharp Visible Laser Beam
  • Up to 60" Range
  • Measures RPM & surface speed and length
  • 14 memories
  • Converts Metric & English Readings
  • One year warranty
  • Simple One Button Operation